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Here on we give you the chance to play the lottery for a discounted ticket rate! We offer the top international lotteries you know and love to play – EuroMillions, SuperEna, Mega Millions and Powerball – all currently offering $1 million jackpots. Get registered now and start playing the mini lotteries for exciting cash prizes!

The fun and affordable way to play the world’s biggest lottery games online. hosts five of the most popular and exciting world lotteries, with ticket prices that will guarantee you can play more! Play for a jackpot prize that is slightly reduced (but still significant) and take advantage of the slashed ticket prices. These ‘smaller’ versions of the top 5 biggest lotteries in the world include the UK Lottery, Euromillions, US Powerball, Mega Millions and the Italian SuperEnaLotto.

The Mini versions of these exciting lottery games offer jackpot amounts that are still capable of inducing a racing heart rate. Mini UK Lottery is offering up £750,000.00, Mini Euromillions will dish out €750,000.00, both of the US Mini Lotteries have a $1 million jackpot to award and Mini SuperEnaLotto has €1 million waiting for the lucky ticket holder that matches all drawn numbers during the draw. will also award certain lower tier prizes based on a percentage of the prize value in the regular-sized draw. Refer to the FAQ’s or Results page for further details on these second tier prizes.

The Mini Lotto draws occur on the same dates as the regular-sized lotteries and based on the winning numbers drawn during these events.
Mini is a great way to play more lotteries and increase your odds of winning the jackpot. And with the reduced ticket prices, you can play as many of these Mini versions as you like and be in line to win the delicious millions on offer!

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